Since I was a little kid I’ve always wanted a “regular barbers” that I could trust and depend on giving top quality service. For one reason or another I was never able to find one that I was loyal due to the atmosphere or quality of the work and if needed I would get my hair cut at any old place if I was stuck. Until now that is. The Demon Barbers of Newcastle is THE place to get your hair cut at in the centre if town with no exceptions.

The fact that they’re appointment based instead of walk ins like most shops goes to show how in demand they are and frankly I’m not suprised, I’d rather go without now instead of going to someone else.
My only regret is not discovering them years ago. Ace guys and girls with top craic and always popping jokes. Nice place, nice people. Get yourselves down!

Adam Jensen

Customer, Facebook Review

The NO1 barbers shop. The staff are the best ever, when something is just so right you know it.

Douglas McDonald

Customer, 5* Facebook Review

On entry the barber insulted my hair, my beard and my tash! I slapped him verbally with a leather glove. He just laughed at me, looked at the parlour bulldog and laughed a second time, real knowingly like. I think he’s a bastard and I know he knows I think this of him. That said, under £20 for a short back and sides, keeps me trim and neat, just how I like it. I’d recommend the experience. I’ll C U Next Tuesday Lloyd.

Danny Jarvis

Customer, -10* Review

Needed a beard trim but was too terrified to try it myself. Had this place recommended to me by a couple of people and I’m glad I took their advice. Great job done and the staff are great craic. Will definitely be back

Micheal Charlton

Customer, 5* Facebook Review

Great haircut, good value for money and spot on banter. Nowhere else offers anything close to this, 5☆’s.

Tony Baglee

Customer, 5* Facebook Review

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this shop to anyone! Great service and very friendly!

Jason Bewley

Customer, 5* Facebook Review

Great advice! Easy going staff! Neat little shop. Felt really looked after and that my hair was in good hands!
A vibrant atmosphere in the heart of Newcastle…hang on is this a Barber or a restaurant?

Darren Hiles

Customer, 5* Facebook Review

In town for the GNR. Fantastic cut (by Claire I believe) and beyond reasonably priced and great conversation, friendly atmosphere. Totally recommend.

Patrick Case

Customer, 5* Facebook Review

Come an av' a cut if you think you're long enough.

Ring, don't f*8kin' email 0191 261 1447